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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
Below, are some commonly asked questions about Equipment Lease Financing.


1. How Does Leasing Work?
d Leasing permits large equipment acquisitions that may otherwise be unaffordable
d Leasing offers flexible terms and monthly payments to fit almost any budget.
d Leasing can minimize equipment obsolescence.
d Leasing can provide possible tax-time advantages.
d Leas
ing preserves bank credits and cash flow

2. What kind of equipment can be leased?
d Printing equipment
d Broadcast equipment
d Computer systems
d Telecommunications systems
d Machine tools
d Medical equipment
d Construction equipment
d Furniture
d Office equipment


3. Who is eligible for equipment lease financing?
Almost any company that can show it has the ability to make the monthly payment my be eligible for lease financing.

Some of the basic criteria for approval are as follows:

d Business should be established at least 2 years under current ownership.
d Bank account should be open for at least 1 year and reflect adequate balances.
d Company should have positive net worth and be profitable.
d Company should have a prompt payment history with past and current creditors.




PLEASE NOTE: We consider every application with the intent of approval. Therefore, your eligibility is judged on an individual basis, rather than basic criteria. The basic criteria is used only as a guideline.

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